Offensive Formations - EBOOK

Offensive Formations - EBOOK

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Pedestals are lonely places.

Teagan Tolliver is learning the hard way that for every new trophy, every tournament win, comes more scrutiny, more pressure - far beyond what she can do on a court. As an elite, Black female athlete in a sport dominated by people she has little in common with beyond a match, she’s got the eyes of the world on her - for better or worse.

Ambrose McNeil is familiar with the concept as well.

Coming out of BSU, he was a star cornerback, fulfilling a long term dream - and challenge - of having his name on the Connecticut Kings roster. 

Living the dream.

Until what could’ve been a career-ending injury leaves him on the sidelines - forgotten about.

But no more.


From accidental enemies, to something softer, to friends, to something deeper than either imagined or was even looking for, they’re both navigating more than they can handle alone.

So maybe together...


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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Lisa Heard
Black Love

I really enjoyed this book. A touch of humor with a touch of drama. A must read and reread

Terra Robinson
It started with a podcast...

Teagan and Ambrose went from enemies, to friends, to lovers all because of one bad decision...but a decision that would ultimately lead to everything each of them didn't know that they needed in their life...each other! This story was a well balance of angst, drama, humor, and heat. And all the ingredients added up to a very entertaining and satisfying read! As always, I loved revisiting former CK leads. But more importantly, I nominate myself for the role of the 911 operator in the movie 😂

Tanena W
Great read

I thoroughly enjoyed this book

Black excellence at its best

GIRLpower w her OWN MONEY

Honesty P

I loved it. It was thoughtful, challenging, sweet, and funny. Even the most serious moments fit the very real-seeming lives of Tea and ‘Brose. Read it and reread it because it’s just that good.

Ayanna First of BSB
This Queen made real chess moves with this one!

This was so complete! After reading Love's Encroachment, this perfectly answered questions that a reader wouldn't have known to ask! This season of CK4 was perfectly written and presented. I absolutely love Teagan and her mom! The motivation, inspiration, and words of wisdom within these pages surrounding life traumas, were true gems. The various personalities of the men in this book within their specific roles gave so much life to this HEA! CCJ did an outstanding job in bringing this story the proper ending it needed while being perfectly intertwined with the previously published books of CK! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 Well done! 🎊🎉💐💐💐